About Us

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For nearly 50 years Acra Cast has been a manufacturer of quality investment castings to hundreds of customers in dozens of demanding and critical industries. We enjoy our work and take great pride in producing quality investment castings and rapid prototypes in the U.S.

Under new management since 1998 we've made significant strides in upgrading our facilities and equipment, developing safety, quality and production systems, and improving processes that have increased our productivity and reduced scrap rates. We're passionate about the investment casting process and being on the cutting edge of the rebirth of manufacturing in America is important to us.

We know that we can only be successful if our customers are successful. For that reason we look at every customer as a partner in business and believe our continued growth and success is coupled to the prosperity of our customers. Many metalcasters say they are "customer driven." At Acra Cast, high quality customer service is a mission and something we take very seriously. From design through casting and machining, we work to ensure your experience is at the highest level.

Consequently, our efforts to deliver quality parts on-time and at a competitive price is our primary goal. We have many stand-out high-end projects from a variety of industries that serve as testimonials to our mission.

Please contact us for a free project evaluation or to request a quote. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your project and its challenges to provide you with options in design, materials, and post-processing to ensure the best possible finished part.